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Courtney Crow

I started my career working at the largest U.S. student news paper, The Alligator, while studying Photojournalism at the University of Florida, and soon found my way working with Sports Illustrated, Reuters and news papers, The Gainesville Sun and Asbury Park Press, before I took off to Australia.

After shooting Sydney 2000 Olympics I fell in love with land down under.  For fifteen years  I shot every sport and worked with Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams. 

Six Olympics later and managing a sport image library selling, shooting and handling hundreds of thousands of images, working with amazing photographers, I eventually made my way back to the U.S.

Here in New York City, I work in the financial capital of the world managing images, photographing the world's biggest public companies, CEO's, celebrities and sports stars for the NYSE. 

My passion and love for photography has never wavered since I first took a photography class in high school so many years ago. 

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